Welcome to The Autistic Yoyo Man Shop where you can find the biggest names and brands under one roof. We offer an incredible selection of Yoyos  for all ages and all budgets. We Are A New and Expanding Yoyo And Toy Store adding New Yoyos And Toys Weekly.

My Name Is Daniel and I live In Thornton NSW , I was Diagnosed With Autism From The Age of 3  I am Presently 14

My Parents Bought My First Collection of Yoyos When i Was 5 And I have Been Playing and Collecting Them Ever Since, Yoyos ,Yoyos Yoyos , I love Them.

They Have Been Very Beneficial To Me my Whole Life Growing up with Autism , So Much Ive Open My Store (with Mum And Dads Help Of Course)

I hope To Grow My Store With Many More Types Of Yoyos, Toys and Products That Help me With My Autism Through The Years


Marble Runs

Fidget Toys And Kites Just To Name a Few , So Please                             And Check Back


Regulary For                                            And Hot Specials.

If You Have any Advice regarding My Site i would Love to hear from You.

If You Have A family Member With Autism , Try Some Of My Toys I have Listed , Mum And Dad Agree they Helped Me Very Much.

Hopefully I can Grow My Store And Work From Home , Thats The Plan.

Thank-you For Taking The time To meet Me. Daniel Hooper

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