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Looking for the best Diabolos right here in Australia and My Own Shop? I have the ones for you! These diabolos here in My own shop are officially working and Have Very Good Quality Possible and It's The Best Thing Ever since Sliced Bread! It works like all good diabolos in the block and Most importantly in the fact that It's like a Yoyo but bigger, wider, and includes Two sticks with a String attached together. You can throw the diabolo and catch it Like an Offstring yoyo and it has many more features than ever! The first one I sold so far was the Duncan Phoneix Diabolo and The reason why is because I love the look and the feel and even the play experience as well! So does the Good reviews of this toy. Anyway, these diabolos are the best ones in Australia and You'll Be Going to Love It So Much! Like I said before, Imagine a yoyo so big and wide that you can easily catch with two sticks with a string attached together, Yeah it's like a 4A Yoyo (OffString) but way different, Even known that have a bearing or something like that On the Diabolo and I only have one of these things left But I have chances that I could sell more one day! Anyway, Diabolos are also Good and Exciting as Yo-Yos as well and You can show it off your best-looking Diabolos tricks and even Practice one too! Also, You can even play these diabolos here in the park and other places that have even more places to play with, Show it off to your friends, family or any kind of people and They will be surprised indeed that They will say their Positive and Supportive Praises, So What are you waiting for? You can get these diabolos today! But make sure you save up your own money!

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