First 100

First 100 is a Literary series that educates babies to kids something like numbers and words and letters, and This one was created by Roger Priddy, Who is originally Australian and The one who created this first 100 series that has been going on every year since somewhere in the year 2005 (i think, I don't know but what I know is) That It allows your baby to child to Build your baby/toddler/child's own Vocabulary with these 'First 100' products and including the only one I got so far, These 'First 100' products will help your baby/toddler/child to build their IQs and Smartness to it and They will become the next Albert Einstein one day once You use many times for yours baby, toddler or even children, Also these products are made in Australia and Their products has been still available in such stories in Australia like BIG-W, Kmart (AUS), Target, and even ToyWorld as well! Also, the company or brand (what it is) is Still on active and still sells these toys every year possible since it was first created in an unknown year or something like that. Also, First 100 is also a Education and Skill Toy as well and The Recommended Age for these toys is about 1 to 4 years old in any gender and looks as much as possible, I bet these toys help educate your babies and toddlers to be smarter and intelligence skills with the smartness as Einstein as well! and most importantly, These products and toys are also easy to educate your babies to toddlers and also develop skills and smartness to it as well and also intelligence as well. You will gotta love these products here and Hope they will help your babies and toddler to create intelligence and smartness like Albert Einstein and other smart people on the entire planet of the earth as well!