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Tomy is a Japanese Toy, Video Game, children's Products, and Apparel Company Originally Formed or Founded in the year 1924, This Japanese Company is Known for making the Best Toys and Video Games and other products right in Japan for some reason and Like all good toy companies out there, They tend to make The High-Quality Toys and Video Games and Other Products Made in Japan and Can Ship to Many Distributors and Shops and Places Worldwide, They are also Known for Making Great Toys and Video Games Under License Brands, Such as Thomas & Friends, Animal Crossing, Disney, Pokemon, and even Sugerbunnies as well, Which means that They make toys and video games Based on Real Brands Licensed and They are not bootleg or rip-offs but rather, High Quality and Licensed, Unlike other bootleg toy companies in Japan (no offense), Not only they make toys and video games, but also Products for Children and As does Children Apparels as well! Tomy is also known as Takara Tomy in Japan and Tomy for other countries like Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and even China as well! Don't Forget New Zealand and Mexico as well! Most Importantly the fact that They have been going for over 95 years (or basically 97 years at this point), They also created such Great games for the family as well! Like Pop Up Pirate, Screwball Scramble, Which is also a skill and strategy game as well, and even the game I got I'm selling, Fizzy Dizzy Hippo Game, You will go to love this company Once you try out one of these products here because Not only it has the Best Quality possible But also It's enjoyable and fun for all ages, Same for Video Games, Apparel and Other Products for Kids as well and This company Tomy is originally in Katsushika City in Tokyo Japan, Remember That Now!

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