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Top Trumps

Top Trumps is a toy/card originally in 1978 in the United Kingdom and It was known for being the most well-known, played, and even owned card game from the 20th century like it was first started back in 1978, They are many Top Trumps Themed Card Games based on Movies, TV-Shows, Video Games and even other Franchise As Well, Like The Simpsons, Minecraft, Harry Potter, and even other cities as well, Like Gold Coast AUSTRALIA and New York City the USA, It was played by someone every year and many people can play these card games with their friends or with a stranger or even better, trusted adults and other people worldwide and ever International People and Pets and other living things can even Play the Card Game called Top Trumps! Here are the tutorial steps How to Play the Game! Simply Hold Your Cards, Then Choose a Card with higher or lower stats or skills than other players, Collect the cards Once your stats are higher, Start a new round with the other player and repeat the process until you win the game and you can collect all the cards in the game. Also with Top Trumps, You Can Simply Have a Top Trumps Collection and even challenge your players with your own cards and you can have any variety with your themed Top Trumps Cards and Most importantly, These cards are still available in other shops worldwide and It includes The Autistic Yoyo Man's Toy Shop (which is my own shop since 2020) and This is an Australian Toy Shop that Has these cards and for everyone who would like to have a Top Trumps Card Game right in Australia and even New Zealand as well and You may trust these cards here and one day, You'll Be a Top Trumps Master and Have your own Top Trumps collection one day! When you have a enough budget and money to buy one of these cards from the brand / company.

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