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Vosun is a yoyo company that is known for making mostly professional and unresponsive yoyos originally in China, you know, Like MagicYoyo, and They are known for making the best ever medal yoyos in China ever and most importantly, Their yoyos have been making has been a very great yoyo for many years, They are known for also making the Best Made in China Yoyos since they first started back in 2012 and for 9 years and almost 10 years, They are making beginners to pro yoyos with the best high quality (also decent) and also having a very good yoyo bearing and This company has managed to be like MagicYoyo without turning into a Magicyoyo wannabe because that would be a bad thing that can get sued, But luckily Vosun is not sued at all because It's not a MagicYoyo ripoff. Anyway, this company is still going on every year and They still have many yoyos so good that you can trust and most importantly that there is a fact that Vosun also has some beginners yoyos out there like The Zebra Yoyo and even a Yoyo called Trinity Yoyo as well, Which is also a pro yoyo with a Fingerspin cup and that was Vosun's first-ever Yoyos with a Fingerspin Cup easy enough to finger spin tricks as much as possible. Also, this yoyo company, since they are originally in Shenzhen China, They have many yo-yos out there that you can tell that These yoyos are made well in China and It had the highest qualities of the yoyos they made for like 5 years, or 9 years for some reason. Vosun is also a company that also had a Museum on their official website and that page on their website, had a collection of yoyos that are still available or not available anymore, and At least it had something to do with Vosun for some yoyoing reason. You can trust this company like the others!

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