Yomega is a current yoyo company from Grantsville in the USA that was first founded back in 1983 by someone and They are known for releasing their first yoyo and The first-ever Auto-Return yoyos in the history of Yo-Yos, Called The Brian Yoyo! That yoyo was very revolutionary at the time because No-one was done an Auto-Return Yo-Yo before in the Yoyo History and Period, It was first introduced and released in 1984 and It became a popular toy from the early 80s and To this day, That yoyo has been still available forever (or not) since it was first introduced 37 years ago, That was not the Only Beginners Yoyo from Yomega, It was also a couple of they, Like The Fireball Yoyo, First Introduced in 1989, The Raider Yoyo, First introduced in 1991, and even a Firestorm Yoyo, First introduced in somewhere in the late 1990s. This yoyo company has been going for 38 years and It's still going strong than ever! Also, they are has been known as being the first or second ones to Create their own yoyos for McDonald's Happy Meal Toys from the 1990s to the 2000s and It was surprisingly enough to see a Yomega yoyo on a Happy Meal Box, Nowadays they don't do that anymore, That was sad for someone who missed out like me. Yomega have still had The Fireball, Brain, and Raider yoyos still available with new packaging and look over-time and along with other yoyos still available, Like the Power Brain XP, Xodus, Spectrum, Which was Yomega's First-Ever Light-Up / LED Yoyos Ever, Maverick, Magnetar, and even Glide as well! Not only they made yo-yos, But also kendamas as well and You can trust this yoyo company, not for nothing, but for the Best ever Beginners to Pro Yoyos since the early 80s, Try the Best Yoyos in Australia.