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Who is The Autistic Yoyo Man?

The Autistic Yoyo Man is the superhero with autistic and a professional yo-yo player from one of the cities of Maitland. He loves to do yo-yo tricks and perform his tricks in front of everyone to make them less bored and more entertained and happy. He doesn't like people getting bored or lazy because He's different from the others and He's not usually lazy at all, So he brings up his yo-yos and perform the best tricks to people. He loves the yo-yos he had from YoyoFactory to Duncan, His favourite company was YoyoFactory, and His favourite YoyoFactory Yo-Yo was the DNA Yo-Yo! (Gentry Stein gave him that yo-yo one time). He is still a hero with autistic who have a love and passion for yo-yos!

The hero also got his own online shop with a lot of yo-yos from Duncan, YoyoFactory, MagicYoyo and Much More! It is a great place to shop for yo-yos! even more with our gift card, Just in time for the christmas holiday or something else.


*Shows and Performance Coming Soon*

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