5A - Counterweight Yoyos

5A Yoyos, or Easily known as Counterweight or Freehand Yoyos, Is a yoyo style and type that have a counterweight twist! It's basically 1A / One Handed Yoyo Plays with a String looped to a special small object called Counterweight, instead of your finger. You can do many tricks with your counterweight and You can still do 1A Yoyo Tricks, Even if you holding on to a Counterweight while doing your 1A / One Hand Yoyo Tricks like something. Most 5A / Counterweight / Freehand Yoyos tend to have a Counterweight included in the packaging, Like for example, The Duncan Freehand, Freehand NextGen, Freehand AL, and even Strix has a Dice Counterweight included in the packaging/box for many 5A / Freehand Tricks that You can master! For Beginners, I suggest the Duncan Freehand Yoyo and Metal Drifter Yoyos because They are easy to do 5A and Freehand Beginner Tricks for some reason with a Wide shape and bearings on them as well. Also, These 5A / Freehand / Counterweight Yoyos are the Best Ones in Australia for some reason. These 5A / Freehand / Counterweight Yoyos are also High Quality as well and You can get these yoyos possible and I will last forever for some reason! 5A / Freehand / Counterweight Yoyos is also played pretty different, Well almost with a Counterweight on it as well. There's many 5A and Freehand Yoyo Tricks You can master with a Counterweight yoyo, Like The Helicopter, The Bee Sting, The Nunchuck, and even The 360 as well! Also, some of the yoyos have a decent price for some reason and Also, These yoyos are the best ones When you want to Practice and Try out 5A Tricks in Real Life for some reason and It's usually the best ones ever sold in Australia and other places from many brands with a fact! You can get these beautiful and cool-looking Freehand and Counterweight Yoyos Today! Shop the best Australian Yoyos.