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The Autistic Yoyo Man's Toy Shop is an Australian family-owned online toy shop that have been known for its great Yo-Yos, Toys and Games that have been selling for years since It started in Late-2020, This shop does a great job at making many people in Australia happy and They're looking forward to more great things in the future, such as International Shipping, More Yo-Yos, Retail Shops and even Markets as well.


This shop was started from the ground up in October 2020 after getting things sorted and stuff, It was originally a stand-alone online shop that sells nothing but yo-yos, They first brand for yo-yos to sell was Duncan, and Since the first great orders came in the same year, that They starting to sell more yo-yos and then toys and games from retailers and stuff, Now This shop are not just selling yo-yos, but also Toys and Games, such as Board Games, Card Games, Fidget and Sensory Toys, and more. and Also we have over 5 brands that you and someone likes, like Duncan, YoyoFactory, MagicYoyo, The Wiggles and More!


To this day We will be strong and living in many years and We will try to stay open every year and have more success and look more forward to the future and greatness. We are glad to make customers happy with its products we selling and We may have some problems but We like to solve problems as well and Make things better.

Meet the Crew!


Jason Jay Hooper, Age 50
Born in October 9th, 1970

Hi there mates! I'm Jason Hooper, I'm one of the workers for The Autistic Yoyo Man's Toy Shop that not only do the website design and other stuff, but also trying my best to grow my business even more with Daniel and sometimes with Belinda, who also works them


Daniel Jay Hooper, Age 16
Born in April 22th, 2006

CEO / Owner / Business Grower /  Artist / Employee / Designer / Worker / Writer

Hello, I'm Daniel Hooper and I work at The Autistic Yoyo Man's Toy Shop! I do the working, writing, designing and much more in this shop and I love making success and have more products to sell in this shop, I'm not a greedy guy or something like that, I been diagnosed with Autism in an age of 3, I been playing yo-yos for 7 years and I been looking forward to having many more future plans from 2021, I also work with my family as well and I also love playing with my yo-yos and having my own toy shop in Australia! I also love to be overtalkive sometimes as well!


Belina Jay Hooper, Age 48
Born in July 31st, 1973

CEO / Helper / Owner / Planner / Advertiser / Worker

Hello mates! I'm Belinda Hooper and I can organize something on Daniel and Jason's Shop sometimes, Sometimes I do, Sometimes I don't, I also love to do something that all mums do as well and I can even announce any orders we got for the shop as well and Even be entertained by Daniel's Yo-Yo Tricks! I also help this shop as well!

CEO / Helper / Designer / Worker / Owner / Advertiser / Business Grower

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