Henry's (or known as Henry's Yoyos) is a Known Yo-Yo Company from Germany that is known for specialling on the best yoyos juggling toys and other toys in the whole country! They have been making yoyos, juggling toys, and other toys for 37 years since 1984, and These yoyos, juggling sticks, and other toys have the best German-made quality and feel and even the texture look to it. They are known for making the best and high-quality beginners yoyos in Germany, Ever know that this company doesn't have Unresponsive or Professional Yoyos Available but It's alright! Not all companies have enough beginners or professional yoyos out there, No offense! anyway, This company also have Juggling toys and the ones they made is Juggling Cubs, Useful for Practice to Performing your Juggling Cubs Skills In front of everyone and everything else in any place possible, They spent their hard work making juggling cubs and yoyos in Germany and Once they made many, They can sell them in packaging, You know, Like all yoyo companies and other toys companies do with their toys and yoyos they want to sell! Also, this yoyo company, as I said before, They have been doing yoyos and juggling cubs for over 30 years since it was founded in 1984 by some german men I can't find their names somehow, It doesn't matter what they made and what the products look like! The yoyos and others are also unique and awesome looking and You will trust this company for their interesting yoyos and looks and even the whole history. Whatever you have and whatever you have from Henry's, I suggest this company for everyone who is looking for the best yoyos ever made in Germany and most importantly, This company is still going on to this day (i think) and also, Their yoyos are still avaliable in some shops, and yes, My shop does too!