History of Our Business!


Well My story of My business has been started in August 2020....

I was bored out in the house, I have got a collection of yo-yos since April, and Of course My family made money with the only thing, Work in different places, then One day, I have a idea, A idea of having a online business that sell yo-yos like the others at Australia (ex. YoyoShop, YoYoYo) that have become my inspiration for the shop, Then in October 2020, Couple for yo-yos came to my house and It was originally going to be for the markets, then One day in November 2020, Me and My Dad got a new pack of Butterfly and Imperial Yo-Yos from something in Australia, and that's when, Duncan was our first brand for our business, We started off with selling Butterfly and Imperial yo-yos, and I have already made the logo less than 5 months earlier, Back When I have a prototype shirt for our business / hero / mascot and more!

My shop was originally going to be called The Yo-Yo Shack, but I changed it to The Autistic Yoyo Man's Yoyo Shop, in 2020, and I keep it there until in 2021, Due to many great orders since December 2020 and selling non-yoyos toys, such as Puzzles & Fidget Toys, I changed it into 'The Autistic Yoyo Man's Toy Shop' and since then, I kept the name for good reason.

Our shop was originally going to have our market in One of the markets back in 2020, but Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Many markets getting cancelled, and not enough materials for it, It was delayed and postponed into 2021, but It got delayed again and We are hopefully to have a market opportunity in 2022 and onwards

In February, Since I got a Wacom drawing tablet a year earlier, I have did a drawing of a hero can become the mascot of Our shop because I believe that some or most shops have a mascot that can sell you something, and I have it there for every advertisements posts in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Then in 2022, I have change the mascot for improvements and Added in the new downloads selection of our website, Which is still there to this day!

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